Adding Investment Transactions

Adding Investment Transactions

Investment transactions help you keep track of your investment activity, such as stock purchases and sales. To add a new transaction, first click on Accounts on the top, and then double-click on the desired account. Then click the Add button to add the new transaction to the account. Below is an explanation of the fields you have to fill in:


This is the date of the transaction.


This is the action you wish to record. The available actions are:

  1. Buy: Buy shares of an investment.
  2. Sell: Sell shares of an investment.
  3. Dividend: Record a dividend from an investment.
  4. Reinvest Dividend: Reinvest a dividend from an investment.
  5. Short Sell: Short sell an investment.
  6. Cover Short: Cover a previous short sale.
  7. Withdrawal: Withdraw cash from an investment account or record miscellaneous expenses.
  8. Deposit: Deposit cash to an investment account or record miscellaneous income.


This is the investment the transaction pertains to. To setup a new investment, click the Portfolio button from within the investment register.


This field specifies the dividend amount for dividend transactions.


This field specifies the number of shares sold or purchased for sale transactions.


This field specifies the investment price-per-unit for sale transactions. This field will be automatically filled in with the current investment price specified in the Portfolio.


This field specifies any fees and commissions for sale and dividend transactions for an investment.


This specifies the total of the transaction.


This is the transaction's memo. This is optional.

Transfer account

This specifies the account you wish to transfer funds to (or from for the specific investment action (such as transferring dividends to a checking account, for example).


Pressing the Control + Return key on the keyboard will automatically activate the Add

More button so that you can easily add multiple transactions at a time.

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