How to import from Microsoft Money or other applications that export multiple QIF files

Since Microsoft Money only exports 1 QIF at a time (instead of all accounts in 1 QIF) this can cause issues with duplicate transactions importing. To workaround this, please follow these steps:

  1. When starting off with a fresh Moneyspire data file, import your Checking account QIF file normally.*
  2. Proceed to import all your other QIF files for your other accounts, but, when importing choose the option "this file is from a bank/financial institution" and not "from another application"). This will then do a duplicate transaction check and catch any of your duplicates so that they can be ignored during the import.

*To start off with a fresh Moneyspire data file, please click the File > New file menu option or select the "Setup for the first time" button from the Welcome window.

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