Adding Reminders

Screenshot of Add Reminder Window
Screenshot of Add Reminder Window

Reminders help you remember payments, deposits and other general memos. To add a new reminder, click on the Tools > Reminders menu option and then click the Add button. Below is an explanation of the fields you have to fill in:


This is the description of the reminder. It can be anything you want, such as "Electric Bill" or "Call the bank."

Transaction reminder

This is a standard transaction reminder, such as a bill or pay check.

Loan reminder

This is a specialized reminder of an interest-bearing loan, such as a mortgage.

Memo reminder

This is a general reminder which is non-transaction based, such as a reminder to call the bank.

Source account

This is the account that the funds will come from or go to. For example, if you are paying your electric bill from your checking account, you would select your checking account in this box.


This is the reference number of the transaction reminder, such as the check number. This field can also specify the transaction's type (such as ATM) and comes with some common transaction types built-in. However, you can add custom transaction types by selecting the Tools > Number Items menu option. This field is optional.


This is the transaction's payee. For example, if you are paying your electric bill, the payee will be the name of your electric company.


This is the transaction's category, which specifies where the transaction's amount is going to or coming from. For example, if you are paying your electric bill, the category can be "Bills:Electric." If you want to transfer money to another account, select the destination account in this box.


This is the reminders’s tags, which is an additional categorization tool.


If the transaction is a withdrawal or charge, enter its amount here.


If the transaction is a deposit or credit, enter its amount here.


If this transaction contains more than one item (such as two checks) then you can click the Split button to specify the individual items.


This is the transaction's memo, or the general reminder memo. This is optional.

Transferring money to another account

Screenshot of Adding a Transfer Reminder
Screenshot of Adding a Transfer Reminder

Moneyspire allows you to easily transfer money from one account to another. For example, if you are adding a withdrawal transaction to your checking account, and you want to credit that amount to your credit card account, just specify the credit card account in the Category box. Then the withdrawal amount will be transferred from the checking account and credited to the credit card account. This feature lets you easily move money around in between accounts, in the same way you move money around in between categories.

Next date

This is the due date of the reminder.

Frequency / Repeat until

This is where you specify if and how often the reminder repeats (i.e. once a month), and if and when the reminder ends.

Automatically record reminder

If this box is checked, the reminder will automatically be recorded when it is due. If this box is not checked, you will have to manually click on the reminder when it is due and review it. You can also choose to record the reminder X days in advance (i.e. 1 day in advance).

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